The Glory of Easter and Gray’s Anatomy

Now THERE’S a combination.
I’ve been home from the hospital for a little over a week now. Feeling quite a bit better but still not 100%. Still not 80%, but making progress. Removing the Vinblastin drug from the equation certainly made the treatment more tolerable this time, the downside has been an insane amount of itching since I’ve been home.
Last night was quite fun. Most of my family went to enjoy The Glory of Easter production at the Crystal Cathedral. It blew me away. They had an enormous cast and worked wonderfully with all sorts of live animals and of course, a fantastic telling of the story of Easter. WOW!
One last note for today. I can’t help but mention one of the current Gray’s Anatomy storylines. One of the doctors has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma with brain and liver metastasis. Last week it was mentioned that the character would undergo IL-2 treatments. Keeping in mind that everyone who goes through these treatments is impacted differently, I’m curious to compare my experience with that of the character. I should mention it has been widely publicized that this actor has wanted to leave the show for many months and unforturnately the prognosis will probably not be good for the character. It will be interesting, nonetheless.


5 responses to “The Glory of Easter and Gray’s Anatomy

  1. Glad you are home, Heather. Izzy’s storyline is very interesting… recent press is that she does not want to leave the show so who knows. I would like to see a happy ending for her character, personally! I pray that you start feeling better fast!

  2. Hey Heather………just keep in mind that I use to watch Soaps way back when. So, when I was diagnosed with a Brain tumor in 81 I thought, piece of cake….many of my characters were also suffering from the same thing… problem, they go in for surgery, come out with a bandage around their head and within a few days they are sipping martini’s during the day, full makeup and dress! Heather, this is TV>>>>>keep that in mind regarding Grey’s . Love ya kiddo

  3. I saw an interview with Patrick Dempsey & he said that all of the actors had 2 years left on their contracts & that Katherine Heigel (aka Izzie Stevens) is not leaving the show. I expect both you & Izzie to do well!

  4. Ack! I missed Grey’s! I wish they would just run the whole season without having extended breaks, it gets me all mixed up. Apparently it mixes up our recorder too. Off to find that episode online. Glad you are home are recovering.

  5. Heather… I just found out that you’ve been sick. I wish I’d known sooner. I’ve been reading the history on your blog and I can’t tell you how courageous you are. Hang in there kiddo.

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