Some good news this week

Sorry for the lag in updates…. (that’s all I have to say about that).

I had my second round of restaging scans this past Monday.  We were blessed to receive more good news this time.  The scans showed no new growth and even additional reduction in the tumors!  This is fantastic news.  We’ve been celebrating all week.  The plan now is for me to be admitted for Round 5 tomorrow and this will be THE LAST TIME.  I’m quite excited about the idea of not having to do this anymore, for sure.  It’s getting harder and harder to recover from the treatments.  After Round 4 it was 21 days before I was able to tolerate food and even had to be hospitalized for another 5 days.  I’ll be glad to be done with this stuff.

The plan moving forward is to start a maintainence plan.  This will entail being in the hospital for only one weekend each month and receiving minimal doses of some of the drugs I’m getting now.  My doctor says it’s extremely tolerable and many people are able to go to work M-F and handle the treatment.  This means that potentially I’ll be able to head back to Idaho in the near future.  Speaking of Idaho… check out the picture below.  My Idaho family came to visit a few weeks back and brought me a little piece of home: a snowmobile and some snow!!!

I’ll try to remind either Mom or Mel to update from the hospital….

snow in the cooler


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