Missing Nana Already

Nana passed away last Friday morning.  I found out when at 5:30am Mom and Dad came into my hospital room (where my sister’s and I were) and Mom whispered, “Nana is with Poppy”.  I instantly knew what she meant.   Personally, I think after all of the awful trades the Angels have made in the offseason, Nana didn’t want to anything do with baseball this year.




3 responses to “Missing Nana Already

  1. I am SO sorry. I’ve never actually “met” any of you guys, but I could tell from all of the pictures from your New York trip that you had a really special closeness. My thoughts are with you.

  2. At least she doesn’t have to suffer the season this year…of course she can see it from up above but hopefully the heavenly bliss overrides the outrage. Hey! If tons of games get rained out you know who did it!

    Think of you often!

  3. Lisa Hutchins

    I didn’t know your grandma, but she sounded like the coolest lady ever!!! I LOVED your blogs about her! Sorry for your loss.

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