Round 4 delayed

Doing much better than last posting.  Feeling really good over the last 4-5 days.   The only issue is the continued neuropathy which makes writing and typing difficult.  I’m cautious not to increase the nerve medicine because of the potential impact on my liver.  My neuropathy is minimal…I sat in the doctor’s office last Thursday and met some other melanoma patients while in the waiting room.  We had a good deal of time to talk with each other.  I became instantly grateful.  I realized that while I have experienced some discomfort  throughout this process, these folks were suffering.  I’m not trying to minimize what I have been through, but just as an example the lady I spoke with was on the same nerve medication I’m on.  They’ve had to continually increase her dosage so that now she’s taking 8x the dosage I am.  The man I was speaking with was probably about my age and in so much physical pain he could hardly sit in a chair.  These are the people I pray for. 

 And my dear friend Wally.  Wally and his wife Linda have become fast friends of my family.  They also have most of their follow up appointments on Monday morning like I do.  Wally is having difficulty with the circulation in his legs, yet when I walked in the room he stood to offer me HIS chair.  I quickly declined, yet I was in total awe at the character of this man.  Please pray for Wally.

As for Round 4 being delayed, I was scheduled to be readmitted last Friday.  My platelet counts were too low and my doc decided to wait until tomorrow to admit me.  This time Rebecca will be filling in for Mom at the hospital for the first 3-4 days.  She wanted desperately to be involved in the process so we figured now would be a good time.  Additionally, it gives Mom a chance to stay home and finish out the work week.  Dad again will be the schlepper as he drives us all back and forth from Santa Monica.

Other than that, I’m recovering from wounds I received from a fall yesterday.  I was running in the street chasing a big dog that snuck into the backyard and stole one of my mom’s shoes.  It’s a great story and well worth the wounds and bruises.  I’ll be sure to share it with whoever calls. 

Have a great week and I’ll ask Melissa to do at least one update from the hospital.


2 responses to “Round 4 delayed

  1. Thanks Heather for a wonderful weekend! Saturday night dinner at our favorite Chinese place (we started going there when Heather was in a high chair, movies on Sunday and of course the dog topped off the weekend. I can only say the story is worth calling Heather . Heather and I stood laughing so darn hard that we had to cross our legs (I think you know why) Hint, it starts with a B) since we couldn’t move. OMG the funniest moment in a very, very long time. And of course, then there was Dan, trying to run after the dog to bring home my shoe. I can only say OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hmmmm, I wonder how late is too late to call for the dog story. I must hear it!

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