Nothing Short of Miraculous

This is the letter I sent to my cohort this evening!


Hi Everybody!

I wanted to say Hello to everyone and pass along and update.

 I’ve completed two “rounds” of the treatment we decided on once I arrived in L.A.  Each round consists of being hospitalized for 5 days.  Both rounds have come with their own set of issues, including going up to 14 days without food because of the intense toxicity of the treatment.  I’ve lost 45 pounds (no complaints from me there). 

Here’s the most important part… Yesterday I was re-scanned, both a PET scan and a CT scan.  The results were nothing short of miraculous!  ALL of the tumors have shrunk in size and my liver (which was almost in failure when I arrived here 6 weeks ago) is now considered “slightly” elevated.  Just to give you an idea of the importance of the liver details: when I got to L.A. my liver function “score” was over 600.  During the 1st hospitalization it rose to over 900.  Now my score is 254 with 243 being the high end of the normal range.  I’m ecstatic!  My doctor even hugged me after giving me the news!


I am so grateful for everyone’s prayers, emails, and phone calls.  Feeling the support of my Idaho family has been vital for me.  I can’t wait to get back there!  For now, I go back in for round 3 on Friday.  We’re going to complete 2 more rounds for sure to try to either eliminate or make the remaining tumors metabolically inactive. 


Keep plugging away… I know you guys are in the toughest part of the program and your time is so precious right now.  Don’t forget to enjoy yourselves once in a while!

Love you all!



3 responses to “Nothing Short of Miraculous

  1. Heather, Desiree told me about your issue, and I wanted so much to get in touch with you but didn’t know what to say..I am so thrilled about your latest news. We have you in our prayers every day and keep on keeping on!

  2. happy for you! your attitude is very inspiring!

  3. We are so excited for you! God bless you today.

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