Update From St. Johns

Hello All, It’s Melissa. As you can imaging we have been pretty busy so we apologize for the delayed update. Heather was admitted for Chemo Round 2 on Friday Jan 9th. The admit went pretty much the same as the first… it was rough! We opted to stay at the local Best Western instead of going home after discharge on Tuesday the 13th, as we needed to be back in the Onc Doc’s office in Santa Monica at 8am on Wed. So, Heather, Mom, Dad and I camped out at the Western. Mom and I actually had a complete meal (well as complete as you can get at IHOP) that night cause dad stayed with Heather in the room. Since that Wed Heather had been staying back at moms. Now recovery after the first round was a very long and hard process, and unfortunately round two was worse on her. Which brings us to today. Today is Monday January 19 and she is currently eating a popsicle which is the second thing she has eaten in 11 days… yes 11 days. (The first thing was also a popsicle about 2 hours ago). Due to that and continuous vomiting, the doc called us in this morning and admitted her strait from the office. The goal for this admit is hydration, nutrition, and vitamin replenishing. No chemo, that doesn’t start again until January 30th. So I am camping out with her here at St. Johns. Doc just put her on a clear liquid diet… DUH! While that was obvious, however him writing it in the chart means we don’t get any more trays, which means… I don’t get any food! I know, I know, but why not feed me?!? The cafeteria food (what actually fits in to my restrictive diet) isn’t great by any means, and it’s expensive. So the Doc just bursts my bubble. Oh well. So Heather is savoring her popsicles, Gatoraide, Jello, and Ginger Ale. Me… I’ll manage. We aren’t sure how long we are staying, possibly 4 days per our awesome nurse Kate. If so, my mom will swap with me on friday as I have to be in my surgeons office on friday afternoon (I had a lumpectomy on Thursday). My mom is filling in for me at my dad’s follow-up appointment tomorrow with his Onc. Doc. See, I told you we’ve been busy. Heather is in good spirits especially since this admit is geared toward just feeling better, and in her words “cause i can have popsicles!” We will update again when we are able. Now I am going to try and convincer her to help me with my homework before the Ativan kicks in. Oh well, too late.
Please keep sending the thoughts, prayers, and well wishes.
Love, Melissa


One response to “Update From St. Johns

  1. Mel,
    Thanks for the update. Please know that everyone is in our thoughts and prayers.

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