IT’S WORKING !!!!!!!

Great news…. I had my check up with Dr. H yesterday and he’s thrilled with the progress.  I almost felt like he was a little shocked by the results of my tests.  So far, here’s what we know:  My liver function tests are the lowest they have been in months.  When I got to the clinic three weeks ago, Dr. H explained that when someone’s liver function tests are twice the normal level, that person is “rushed” into treatment immediately.  When they ran my tests, they found that I was at 3 times the normal level.  That terrified me.  The results yesterday indicated MAJOR improvement in the liver. 

The other exciting finding yesterday concerned a tumor that we recently found in my left bicep.  Three weeks ago it was the size of a silver dollar and now it’s shrunk down to about the size of my little finger nail.  It’s amazing to actually be able to feel the improvement with my own fingers!!! 

I’m feeling better each day.  By the time I go back for Round 2 on Friday I should be completely back to normal.  Just in time to get zapped again.  I have to say, though, having the knowledge that the treatment is working sure makes the idea of having to go back to the hospital for the better part of a week easier to swallow.


2 responses to “IT’S WORKING !!!!!!!

  1. Hey girl! I talked to Maryann and she directed me here. What a great and encouraging blessing to see the positive response you are having to the treatments. Family is a treasure, times like this help us to see… God bless, Heather, and I will be praying for continued great results!

  2. I knew you would kick some cancer-cell-butt!! Thinking of you during the next round. Hang in there.

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