Tests, tests and more tests

Today was kind of a trip.  I went in for all of my pre-treatment scans.  An ultrasound of the liver showed the tumors to be somewhat small in size and not blocking any of my bile ducts.  I’m assuming that “small” and “not blocking” are the operative words.  Then I went for a Muga Scan (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MUGA_scan) that entailed taking a small amount of my own blood, infusing it with radioactive material (no flux capacitor this time) and then re-infused the blood into my system.  The goal was to check heart function and timing.  It was pretty interesting. 

Lunch today came from Philippe’s restaurant in L.A. (http://www.philippes.com/).  The place is amazing!!! It’s been in business over 100 years and has amazing french dip sandwiches.  Did I mention we ate there yesterday, too?


One response to “Tests, tests and more tests

  1. Wow! I haven’t checked in for a week or so and man! You certainly move fast. I don’t think catching up on so many days is good for my appetite, though…going from metastasis to french dip in one reading session. I haven’t had a really good french dip in decades!

    Hang in there…like you wouldn’t! Glad you brought your kitties..too bad they can’t stay in the hospital with you.

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