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We met with Dr. H and his team today at the Cancer Institute.  Apparently, his read of the scans is different than what the doctors in Boise saw.  His feeling is that my lungs are disease free.  This is good news.  However, he does feel that there is lymph involvement in my back.  That being said the course of treatment will be what is known as IL-2 (pronounced “aisle two”).  I’ll be admitted to the hospital this coming Friday for 5 days of consecutive treatment.  On the 6th day, I’ll return to the clinic for a 3 hour hydration session and then I’ll spend two weeks recovering at home.  We’ll go through 2 cycles of this and then rerun the scans to see if we have made any progress.

From what I understand, the hospitalization is pretty intensive so I’m asking for no visitors.  Especially during this first round.  Let’s see how it works out and what I can expect for side effects and then I’ll know whether or not visitors are cool.   Mom and Mel will be staying with me at the hospital.  Dad and Becka will be making the commute. 

I’ll post more as I get more info.  Tomorrow is a full day back at the clinic getting lab work done in preparation for admittance.  Feel free to ask any questions….


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