Update 12/15/2008

A week ago I went for additional scans: a full body CT scan as well as an MRI of my head.  The good news is the head/brain MRI came back entirely clear!!!  Unfortunately, the CT scan showed not only recurrance of some of the previous tumor sites, but additional growth and metastasis. 

So we have wasted no time getting the ball rolling on the start of a new treatment plan.  Last Wednesday, my sister Melissa flew up to Boise and we packed up what I would need for an extended trip to L.A. (including my two kitties Lefty Lucy, and Scioscia) and we quickly headed south in my car. 

Before we could leave Boise, however, my wonderful cohort friends came over for an evening of hilarity and laughter.  I was really glad to see them because I so wanted them to know that regardless of this year’s challenges, it has still been the best year of my life.  To which they quickly informed me that I needed to get out more!  Ever the smart asses…

Mel and I took several days to drive, stopping to spend the night in Provo and Las Vegas.  Ironically, a friend of mine (Dr. Popcorn Chicken) was at a medical conference in Vegas at the time, so Mel and I got to spend an evening of hijinx with him.   He wanted tattoos…. I was strong enough to decline!

I’m back at Mom’s house now and we’ve already had our first dose of In N Out burger.  We have an appointment with Dr. H at the John Wayne Cancer Institute tomorrow at 11am.  I’m eager to hear what he has to say…


5 responses to “Update 12/15/2008

  1. Hey Heather! We’ll miss seeing you in Boise when we are there visiting for a week over Christmas, but you have important stuff to focus on! We are praying for you girl! For God’s peace and love to wash over you and that He holds you up in His arms in your times of discomfort. Love ya…..keep us posted!

  2. Hi this is Tylar from mr. Rusoto 6th period class
    I read your blog
    We care about you
    Thank you for your blog

  3. my mothrer had lung caner to and she doing
    really good but she still is trying to get to old self

  4. hi my name is nicole i am so sorry about wat happen i wish you good luck

  5. Hey babe! You’ve been in my thoughts all day!
    Update us as soon as you can!

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