6 shots down, only 138 to go

I started the injection phase of treatment last week.  Things went fine for the most part.  Having the ability to dispense my own medication at home is a huge convenience. 

This week was somewhat more challenging in that I’m in full student teaching swing and I’m having some difficulting adjusting to the schedule demands.  The mornings are extremely tough.  Once I’m up and moving it seems that I can keep going, but it’s like I have to cold start my engine each day.  I’ve also gone back to sleeping 12+ hours each night. 

Yesterday was the first time I’ve missed class.  I just couldn’t find the energy to go.  I’m really getting nervous about school.  I just feel like I have gotten so far behind, I might not be able to catch up.

On a positive note, with Thanksgiving around the corner, I’ve obviously got more to be thankful for than I could ever include in one sitting here.  I am so grateful to everyone who has been a part of this year.  I am blessed.


5 responses to “6 shots down, only 138 to go

  1. We are the ones that are blessed my darling. Watching you travel thru these past six months has been one of the most overwhelming experiences a mother could have. I continue to hold you in my every breath that I take and I beleive so strongly that you will have your Masters Degree in June.

    I love you Heather and can’t wait to see you in December! Love mom

  2. I am thankful for re-connecting with you. Glad you are having more good days than bad as of late.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Heather! Thank you for teaching me about blogs (I only cared to find out to read yours), for letting me and others into your world through your writing, and for getting me to laugh at the world through your eyes. You’re an awesome teacher – the kind that teaches by example – never doubt that your strength will match your courage!
    With love,

  4. well i hope that you have a good life your story has made me feel way better about my life i thank you and hang in there

  5. well thank you for letting us know what happend to you. i think that what you had to go through was very heard but keep doing what your doing

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