Fatigue and nausea

I made the decision the other day to quit taking the anti-nausea meds with my chemo.  It’s a side effect trade off.  The nausea meds cause extreme constipation and after spending the better part of a week (most likely a little more than a week) being totally miserable, we eliminated all of the anti-nausea meds in hopes of taking care of that issue.

The results seem to have been effective but now I’m left carrying around my favorite little blue bags “just in case”.  Food isn’t staying down again, but I look at the big picture and realize that I only have a week left of the interveneous treatments.  I can handle this for a week.  At least I get some relief after I get sick.  With the constipation there was no relief for days on end.

The only other bummer effect right now is the fatigue.  It takes everything I’ve got to get from the bed to the couch on the days when my energy is almost non-existant. 

I went to school this morning and probably shouldn’t have.  Summoning energy when I could and repeatedly telling myself that I was almost finished helped.  I just get so much from the people in my cohort.  They are so supportive and helpful, I don’t ever want to miss one of those classes. 

Thats it for now.  Mom is flying in tomorrow.


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