What they don’t tell you.

The medical staff at the hospital has done a pretty good job warning me of all the possible side effects of chemo.  What they didn’t tell me about was the big picture.  They didn’t tell me I would turn into a 96 year old woman.

If you think about it, right now I have all of the characteristics of my grandmothers.  I take frequent naps, I usually eat dinner sometime around 4pm, I spend most of the day analyzing my bowel movements (or lack thereof), and I find myself frequently going through a list of names before I get to the name of the person I am speaking to.

I’ll be expecting some very nice gifts for my 97th birthday.


2 responses to “What they don’t tell you.

  1. Heather, you are truly awesome and inspiring! I am happy to be able to see you tomorrow at school!

  2. Happy 97th!! I will get you Depends and denture glue.

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