Here’s how it’s gone down.  Monday and Tuesday of last week were relatively easy going.  A slight fever both nights, but nothing too difficult.  Tuesday, they placed the PICC line and the tape they used to cover the site (Tegaderm) gave me a NASTY rash around the site.  The line was placed Tuesday morning and quickly removed by the nurses Tuesday afternoon.  The chemo nurses (who are the single most amazing group of people walking the face of the earth right now) have been treating the site, but I’ve still got some lingering redness from the original patch. 

Thursday I had blood work done and there was some question as to whether or not I could receive treatment.  White blood cells were down and the liver function tests were up.  The docs gave the go ahead, so we proceeded.

Wednesday through Saturday were pretty lazy days.  Fatigue has been described as a huge side effect of interferon and that seems to be the case.  I have zip for energy.  Mel and I went up to the cabin on Saturday and I slept through most of the trip before heading back to town to pick up Becka from the airport.

Sunday was a VERY lazy day.  And then Monday started Pukapaloosa.  I had a follow up appointment scheduled with Dr. ENT and first got sick in the shower.  One would think this was a convenient place to get sick, but when you can’t get your arm wet because of the PICC line, it makes this scene a little tricky.

Off to see Dr. ENT and the Pukefest continued, we had to pull the car over on the way there.  I’ve started carrying the little blue bags with me.  I made it through the appointment and headed downtown for my appointment.  The nurse came out to get me, drew my blood for the day, and then it started again!  The nurses huddled around me and moved me off into a room to avoid setting off a chain reaction with the other patients.

My bloodwork came back showing extreme dehydration and I’d lost 12 pounds in the last 7 days.  I met with the nurse practitioner and it was decided that there would be no treatment Monday, just fluids.  Same deal Tuesday, just fluids.  Tuesday night, I tried keeping some soup down, but no luck. 

Wednesday I spent the morning eating crackers and was able to receive a reduced treatment.  All was well until around 6pm when the crackers decided they had visited long enough. 

I’ve got an appointment with Dr. Z. today, so we’ll see what happens next.


3 responses to “Update

  1. Heather it was fun hainging out with you. Hope you are feeling better soon lots of love.

  2. Remind me to to get tickets to Pukapalooza! Hey! Ask your doc if they have an acupuncturist you can go to for the nausea and fatigue. It is known to help considerably.

  3. i’m sorry what sick ness you got i hope that you get better

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