Update from the Chemo Suite

Lots of information to update!

Probably the MOST important information to pass along is news of the Angels hitting the 100 victory mark for the regular season.  Celebration worthy, no doubt.  The playoffs start on Wednesday.

Ok, now on to the other “stuff”.

Chemotherapy started yesterday.  The first step was a lab draw and everything looked good (Mel and I even spent some time checking the lab results on the computer while waiting for the doctors appointment).  Dr. Z was out of the office so we met with a nurse practitioner whose name I can’t recall right now.  (Mel said they told me memory loss was a side effect of the chemo…. I told her I don’t remember them saying that). The nurse proved to be just as awesome as everyone else we’ve dealt with throughout this process.  She was extremely familiar with interferon and even referred to herself as something of an “interferon geek”.  

After the meet and greet with the NP, we were off to the Chemo Suite.  No big deals, just took about an hour and a half to two hours to complete.  

Once I was home the waiting game began.  We watched some TV and got caught up on Brothers and Sisters and Gray’s Anatomy (which I might add, was FAR too predictable for a season opener).  I kept watching the clock and waiting for something to happen.  Seven o’clock, eight o’clock, nine o’clock….nothing.  Finally, sometime between nine and ten I started feeling my eyeballs warm up.  I’ve always been able to feel a fever coming from the temperature of my eyeballs.  We checked my temp and it seemed to hover around 99.5.  Nice!  We watched TV for about another hour or so and when I got up I felt some chills, but seriously… no big deal.  Just a little shiver from the chair to my bed and I was good to go.  I checked my temp in the middle of the night and it got up to 100.5 and that was it.  Well, I can’t be sure that was “it”, my thermometer pooped out on me after that.  But from the way I felt, it obviously wasn’t too bad.  

I woke up this morning and enjoyed my coffee, some melon, and some cottage cheese then it was off to get my PICC line put in.  Which another pretty funny story all in itself.

More to come later.


2 responses to “Update from the Chemo Suite

  1. taelor nicholson

    hi my name is taelor

    so did it hurt to get it removed

  2. taelor nicholson

    hi my name is taelor how r u.

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