Insomnia strikes !!!!

I’ve been struggling with insomnia lately.  Tonight feels as if it’s going to be no different.  I found a way to get some sleep yesterday, but that proved to be disastrous and I’ll get to that in a bit.

I’m averaging 2-3 hours per night.  Last night I fell asleep only to wake myself up with the realization, “Oh, I’m sleeping”.  I’ve tried drinking milk, reading (yes, even textbooks), and eliminating caffeine.  I’ve found success in the past by trying to fall asleep with an iPod and even that’s not working.  Earlier in the week I figured PBS was a sure bet.  Instead of putting me to sleep it provided me with more of a working knowledge of the life and times of Luciano Pavorotti than anyone in my generation needs.  My DVR has just about been cleaned off except for the few shows that seem too boring to watch yet so captivating I can’t seem to just delete them.  The worst part is the time isn’t productive for me.  It’s not like I’m getting things done around the house or getting homework done, I’m just spending hours laying in bed tossing and turning.

A couple of days after I had the head and chest surgeries, I was struggling to sleep because of a gross barking seal cough I had developed from the breathing tube.  I’d start to fall asleep and then the cough would wake me up.  It could have even woke the neighbors.  Mom was convinced I could balance a beach ball on my nose.  Dr. CHEST prescribed some Tylenol with codeine.  Not that it would help the cough, but I would at least be able to sleep.  It worked.

Yesterday in all of my sleep deprived brilliance I decided the same prescription was a good idea.  BAD IDEA!!! Around 630 am I looked at the bottle, it said ‘take 1-2 as needed’ so I took 2 and went back to bed.  The first problem was that I really don’t take 2 of anything.  Ever.  Maybe some Aleve now and then, but I’m not a pill fan.  Problem number two…. empty stomach.  Problem number three (and the most serious)… I just had a liver ablation last week. 

My primary objective was accomplished.  I got 6 straight hours of sleep.  When I got up I felt a bit off.  Not bad, not sick, no pain… just off.  In my mind I went over the medication I had taken and figured the empty stomach thing was a bad plan so I ate a Jello pudding cup.  I packed up the car and headed to school.  I got down to the end of the street and felt my stomach turn a bit.  I pictured the pudding in my mind, and decided to get a regular soda because the pudding was sugar free, the PowerAids I had been drinking all day were sugar free, so I hadn’t put any sugar at all in my system for at least 12 hours.  I stopped at the nearest Stinker station and grabbed a Sprite.

Back in the car, I drove less than a block and realized instantly that I HAD to pull over.  NOW.  I barely got the drivers door open and knew my plans for the afternoon were about to change.  I saw specks of red.  “It’s just the fruit punch I drank”, I thought to myself.  I looked in the car at the fruit punch I had brought from home. The lid was shut.  I hadn’t touched the punch.  I scanned everywhere: the curb, the car door, my shirt.  Specks of red in all areas.  I got scared and reached for my phone.  I called Dr. Z’s office, they immediately transferred me to his nurse.

I was shaking and crying by now.  I was well aware of the fact that although I’ve had touches of fear now and then throughout this process, this very minute I was downright terrified.  I wondered if this was the beginning of the end?  Then I would flash to graduation and wonder who is going to be last in line if I’m not there? The nurse asked me where I was and I tried to tell her.  I must not have been too clear because she then told me to describe my surroundings and the make, model,  and license plate on my car.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but she was trying to send an ambulance.  When I told her I was literally across the street from an urgent care, she asked if I thought I could make it there.  I did.

Needless to say, I’m fine now.  They gave me some anti-nausea medication at the urgent care center and I even went to class last night.  I did get a stern warning yesterday though about my choice of treatment facilities.  Dr. Popcorn Chicken called several times yesterday to remind me that my threshold is different than it used to be.  What most people would consider going to an urgent care facility for, I probably need to pack my happy butt up and go to the ER, just because they are more capable of monitoring me.  They just have better resources.  I agreed. 

I guess I still have a hard time seeing myself as sick.  Especially with seemingly quick recoveries from the procedures so far.  No more SuperHedder?

I’m off to Seattle in the morning.  A couple of days of relaxing, coffee and lots of playing!

I’ve got to run… I just yawned and I realize should try to capitalize on it.

I’ll check in when I get back and just in case anyone was wondering…..

Lefty Lucy and Scioscia are sleeping fine! (see below)


4 responses to “iSleep

  1. Hey kido,
    I know you through your mom and your website. You give me strength through difficult time in my life, you are in my prayer
    thank you

  2. Claire loved the photo of you kitties. I am coming back as a cat in my next life. Eat, sleep in the sun, eat, sleep in the bed…. what a life.
    Hang in there, your are amazing!

  3. glad to hear you had fun in Seattle. Have a safe and fun trip to Orange County. Hang in there. You are a strong woman.

  4. I am Rebecca’s WW leader (boy no pressure there being my boss’ daughter). You are amazing and your writings provide much needed entertainment (again WW leader and mom of 2 teens and a young adult) so you can imagine I have no life. I cannot believe how strong you are. We’ll see the power of prayer for sure. Hang in there

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