Hospital Hi-jinx

Driving to the hospital on the morning of the surgeries, I was excited to get a wonderful treat (aside from Mom GPSing her way all the way to the hospital on the ONE street we had to drive to get there).  My cell phone rang and on the display was an area code I’d never seen before.  I answered the phone and received the most awesome suprise… the call was coming from PFC Andrew Ostgaard.  In my mind Andrew is a three year old running around with a book in each hand.  In reality, he’s now a Marine recently stationed in Iraq.  VERY recently.  Like two weeks or so recently. 

“I’m glad I caught you before you went in to surgery.”  I was speechless and in tears.

Ok.  Wow.  Just plain wow.  24 hours later I received another call.  “Just wanted to check and see how you were doing.”  I was totally blown away.  Thanks, Andy….  those calls meant the world to me.

Just a little change of plans for this week.  Dr. Flux Capacitor is off until Thursday.  He’s the radiologist who will be performing the CT Liver biopsy and if necessary the Radio Frequency Ablation.  My understanding is that the RFA uses microwaves to kill off any undesirable tissue.  Microwaves, huh?  I’m definitely bringing some popcorn.




3 responses to “Hospital Hi-jinx

  1. Ooooh! Kettle corn all the way, baby!

  2. OMG Andy………The call brought tears to my eyes that morning but now seeing the Picture…..I’m balling my eyes out. Where has this time gone? I still remember Andy walking into my house, dragging Heather behind and asking for something to drink.

    Andy,,,,,,,,stay safe, real safe and come home soon. Max

  3. Dearest Heather,
    I actually saw this a day or so after you wrote it but I got so choked up and couldn’t see the keyboard well enough after that to comment! Yes, I have to agree with your mom…where has this time gone? We thank God for your involvement in our lives individually and as a family. We’ve been blessed by you in many ways and our lives are richer in knowing you…you’ll always be close to our hearts and in our prayers…we ask God now to give you peace and rest and continued healing, in Jesus’ name!
    Dawn & the boys
    p.s. Thank you Maxine & Heather for the prayers for Andy, that is a comfort to my heart!

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