Writer’s block?

Not exactly… I’ve just really tried to put a sincere effort into resting this week.  I’m happy to report that the surgeries and the recovery have gone SO much better than I anticipated.  I’ve got some notes written from the last week and I plan on reporting on all of the “Hospital Hijinx” I experienced.  From the Arrival/Departure boards to the diabetic nurse to ‘TAYO’.  I’ll explain each of these and more in the coming days.  For now, I’ll just give the update.

ALL KNOWN CANCER IS GONE.  That’s the bottom line.  All margins have come back clean and the surgeons are happy.  Tuesday I was a little disappointed when I went to have the drain in my side removed.  Apparently, the nurse(s) forgot to show us how to operate it correctly, so it needed to stay in place a couple of extra days.  On the other hand, the staples on my scalp came out at least 4 days earlier than I thought they were to come out, so that was a total BONUS!  Yesterday, the drain, the stiches, and the staples came out! I am completely AMAZED at how much healing has already occurred. 

I’m heading back in for another biopsy on Wednesday.  There is still some debate over the spot on my liver so I’ve asked that the biopsy be repeated.  Until now, I’ve refused to make any surgical and/or treatment decsions regarding the liver because the tests have been less than definitive.  Hopefully, this round will be the winner.

Class started up again last night and what a thrill it was to be there! 

I’ve got plenty of pictures to share, as well.  I’ll start getting those up thoughout this week.  Tomorrow is the changing of the guard: Dad flies in around 4:30pm and Mom heads back to California just a little later on.  One airport trip, one swap.


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  1. did your cat?feel bad and what about your family?

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