No surgery today!

The face margins were clear so no surgery needed today! 

I wanted to mention a neat conversation I had with Dr. ENT while he was working on my head.  I explained the differences of option we received from the doctors in L.A.  He said he could see where they were coming from but truth be told, if he were the patient, he would have made the same decision I did.  That made me feel pretty good.

Although I suppose it would have been a bit awkward for him to tell me that he would not have made the same choice.  Especially at the moment he was carving the ole pumpkin.

I should also say that I’ve had many requests for pictures now that I have no hair.  Most of the requests are coming from friends who, no doubt, want to have a little giggle at my expense.  So here goes…. here’s a picture of me with no hair…..


3 responses to “No surgery today!

  1. You haven’t aged a day. Have you worn that bib to class before? It looks familiar.

  2. Wow! Dr. ENT is good!

  3. Hope everyone notices how color coordinated and theme orintated your first room looks! I loved decorating for my first born……and the Bib is quite nice as well.

    Those were the good ole days for sure!

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