7 days

I have this really lame habit of counting down and calculating times.  It goes something like this…

Ugh… 9 hours until I have to go to work  Ok, if I watch TV for another half hour, spend an hour getting ready in the morning, read for a half hour and spend 45 minutes in traffic…… then……….. I can still get 6 hours and 15 minutes of sleep.  Get it?

Or when we were planning our trip to New York City last year I called Nana each day and let her know how much time was left until we departed LAX.  First in weeks, then days, then hours.  She never hung up on me, so I can assume she enjoyed my little game.

Right now, I can tell you Mom will be here in 39 hours.  (I’ve never suggested that anyone else would find it fun to live inside my brain). 

My favorite calculated number right now is knowing that 7 days from today, all of the surgeries will be finished and I will finally be able to relax a bit (I’m guessing the relaxation will come with some pharmaceutical assistance, but it will be relaxation nonetheless).

In the meantime… I’ll fill you in on what I’ve done for the last week.  I finished all of my pre-op tests.  Standard stuff…bloodwork, EKG, and a chest x-ray.  The x-ray was fine, but the chair for the other tests was a bit unnerving.  I walked in and the nurse said, “Go ahead and take a seat in the red chair”.  Um, sorry, but NO.  The thing looked just like an electric chair without the little halo head thingy. 

I'm supposed to sit here as you put a needle in my arm????


The experience must have shaken me up a little bit because that night I decided to sit somewhere else…..


Yep…that’s me…. on a mechanical bull.  What a blast!!!


3 responses to “7 days

  1. It warms my heart to know that I’m part of the “countdown”. In less than 25 hours and 14 minutes I will be on a plane coming to “U”.
    As I type this comment I am listening to my Ipod that you set up for me so I have entertainment on the plane. I look a bit strange sitting at my computer, headset on, turning out the sounds of the world around me. How I wish my “brain” could do the same thing for me…but all will be better when I see you waiting for me at the airport. I’m charging my camera so that I’ll be ready to take some pictures (you’ll be on drugs) just in case you want to add some of them to this blog.
    See you soon my Hero. I love you!

  2. You could stick with the rodeo theme and let the cattlemen do the surgery. Scalpel or cattle prod, does it really matter?

  3. Heather-
    You’re in my thoughts and prayers this week. I hope everything goes smoothly!

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