The wrench

I’ve never been so confused.  I don’t even know where to start.  I went up to the John Wayne Cancer Institute yesterday and met with a couple of doctors.  Doctor-In-Training came in first and was careful not to say too much, just took a bunch of notes and asked some questions.  Then he left to go get Dr. F.  who apparently is the doc DIT was training with. 

Dr. F. took everything we’ve known so far and blew it all wide open.  His recommendations are for IL-2 treatments first and surgery later.  Exactly the OPPOSITE of what has been recommended in Idaho.  This is essentially the “Plan C” I talked about a on 8/1/2008.  He feels the best course of treatment is repeated cycles of inpatient Interleuken therapy.  This would mean being hospitalized for a week at a time.  I could leave the hospital to recover and then just as I’m getting back to normal it should be time to start another cycle.    Then if the tumors respond they will continue with the cycles until the tumors stop shrinking and do surgery at that point.  Who knows how long or how many treatments or cycles this could end up taking. 

I don’t remember too much about the appointment after that.  I’ve changed my flight back to Idaho (the original flight is probably landing right about now..) and we’re meeting with medical oncologists in Santa Monica today to get into more detail about these treatments.    


One response to “The wrench

  1. Heather,
    I have been away from a computer for a couple weeks so I spent the last half hour reading all your entries. You are a great writer and your comments on everything are hilarious!

    Sounds like a roller coaster of good news and bad, clarity and tough choices. I will be praying for your newest choice about how to proceed in your treatment.

    We still need to have a poker night. =)


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