I think we have a schedule put together. 

Monday, Aug. 25th. 7:30am. Dr. ENT will remove the rest of the tumor on my scalp as well as the spot on face.  Both sites will need to remain open until pathology results are received indicating margins are clear. 

Wednesday, Aug. 27th. 7.30am.  Second procedure scheduled just in case there is a need for additional removal.  If the pathology comes back and there is no reason for this then it will be skipped.

Friday, Aug. 29th,  Surgery scheduled for removal of chest tumor.  Also at this time both head and face surgical sites will be closed, as well as reconstruction of these areas.

Mom will fly to Idaho on Sunday, Aug.24th and she will be staying until Sept. 6.  Dad flies in on the 6th and will be staying through the 13th.  Hopefully, this will be enough time for all sites to heal and have suture removals, etc. 

I’ve been having an interesting weekend here in California.  I had a long talk with Grandma Thursday evening about what has been going on.  This is the first time I’ve really told her anything.  She seemed to take it well.  I’ll write more tomorrow, but I wanted to get at least something posted today. 


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  1. Any ideas how your treatments will affect your teaching plans?

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