Welcome to Hidaho!

If you ask Grandma where I live now, she’ll tell you I live in the great state of Hidaho.  You know where Hidaho is, right?  It’s just north of Hutah and just east of Horegon.

I’m glad I got to visit OC over the weekend.  On Friday night, when I visited Nana, she said all she wanted was to have all three of her granddaughters there sharing a meal with her.  So it was fantastic when on Sunday my sisters and I were able to enjoy that time with her.  (Of course this warranted a second trip to In-n-Out).  It always blows me away that at 93 she is able to wolf down an entire burger (with grilled onions,please), fries, and drink! 

Dad picked up my youngest sister and I this morning at 5am.  I used to be at work most days before 5 am, but back then 5 am actually came at 5am.  I’m convinced that 5am came at about 3am today.  We settled in for our flight back and the toddler behind me settled in to discover the inner workings of the tray table on the back of my seat.  Apparently, children learn best by slamming these tray tables into the chair they are mounted on.  We’ve studied child development some over the last couple of semesters, but I must have skipped that chapter. 

Tomorrow will be another starvation Tuesday.  No food after 6am.  CT scan of the liver scheduled for about noon-ish.  The chest wall biopsy is scheduled for 245pm.  My understanding is they will check the results of the liver scan and if they feel it’s necessary, biopsy that as well.  One of the nurses called today to discuss the procedure and I asked about the anesthetic.  She called it “cognitive sedation”.  She said, “this way if we need to wake you to give you instructions you’ll be awake enough, other than that you can sleep through it.  It’s actually kind of nice.” 

It’s actually kind of nice.  Ok, sure, if you say so.


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