Getting ready for 7.21.2008-7.27.2008

Lots of doctors appointments set up for this coming week !!

Monday – meet the Head and Neck surgeon.  I’m not too sure what this will entail.  He doesn’t have a ton of information to go on.  I would think he would need to have the imaging results in order to make some determinations.  The nurse said this was primarily going to be a “meet and greet” with the doc.  The only thing that is kinda freaking me out about this is the guy was supposed to be on vacation this week and now he’s coming in to meet with me.  That seems odd.  Especially without test results.  We’ll see.

Tuesday- tests, test, and more tests.  I’ve got to be there in the afternoon and have to deprive myself of sugar and the sacred elixir called caffeine for 6 hours prior to going.  No caffeine for six hours???? The only time I ever do that is when I’m sleeping.  UGH.  Blood work, MRI’s, and PET scans is what they’ve told me have been ordered.  Here’s a pretty cool link explaining what PET scans are

Wednesday- so far looks like a day off.  Mom flys in around 10pm after flying all day.  It sucks for her, she’ll be on a business trip and there are no direct flights in Boise from NYC so that means she has to fly from JFK to LAX and then come up here.  Yuck.

Thursday- return to the dermatologist, Dr. B., removal of current stitches both in my head and on my face.  Probably not a lot of information will be exchanged between myself and him, but I’m sure Mom will have a boatload of questions.  I’m curious to see if she notices the similarities between him and my doctor in San Diego.  It’s really eerie.

Friday- first appointment with the oncologist.  This will be the big day.  Most, if not all, of the tests should have results and hopefully, we will be able to find out the extent of this thing.

On a lighter note, the youtube page now has over 1,200 hits from people looking at my scalp!!!


One response to “Getting ready for 7.21.2008-7.27.2008

  1. Hi! I caught your comment on Jay Osmond’s blog and had to come over and read your stuff! You are a hoot- not to mention an Osmond fan- and I wish you the best! I totally believe that your decision to be positive through your treatments is the way to go- when my husband had cancr, we decided to not entertain anything but positive thoughts, and it made all the difference! He has been cancer free for 5 years ! God bless !
    Barb from MN

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