I’m definitely concerned…

These were the words from a doctor I met yesterday.  This doctor would begin to tell me that the lump on my head that I have come to know and love as a friendly neighborhood cyst, in fact, probably wasn’t. 

I’ve told people over and over again that I have a firm policy against worrying unless I have a specific reason to worry.  It drives me nuts when people freak out as their doctor gives them a list of all the possibilities.  My perspective has always been that unless the doctor tells me that something is absolutely wrong then the possibility exists that it’s really nothing bad.  Assuming either way isn’t helpful.

So the doctor spent what seemed like 30 minutes pulling and cutting and tugging inside my head yesterday.  Luckily, I didnt’ feel a thing.  They did an excellent job of numbing me up.  They (by ‘they’ I mean the doctor and the nurse) seemed to be having some difficulty stopping the bleeding.  After about 6 or 7 minutes of searching for where the blood was coming from and several zaps of the cauterizing instrument, the bleeding was controlled with some extra stitches and he was ready to close.  Eight more stitches on top of the scalp and I was able to sit up for the first time in about 90 minutes. 

I glanced over to the tray the doc had been working from and saw what looked like part of one of my old Lincoln Log toys.  “Is that it?”, I thought.  It was twice the size of the lump I felt on my head.  I would soon come to find out that he hadn’t even removed half of what he saw.  I asked about this and he explained that he didn’t feel comfortable removing any more of it in an office setting.  Anything more would require surgery.  Like in an operating room. 

The doc went on to explain it would take 7-10 days to get the results from the lab and added that he liked the lab here in town as they were very quick and thorough.  In the meantime keep the wound dry and come back next week to get the stitches out. 

The nurse dressed the incision and I set up the follow-up appointment. 

My phone rang a few minutes ago.  It was the nurse.  The doctor has my results and wants me back in his office at 4pm today.  When I hesistated she said they could possibly wait until first thing tomorrow morning but the doc needs to see me as soon as possible “to discuss the options”.  This is never good news.  So much for having 7 – 10 days.



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