05.16.2008My phone rang rather late last night.  My sister’s voice says, “Don’t worry. Everything’s fine, but Grandma just got hit by a broken bat at the game”. 

“Are you kidding me”?

“Nope.  The Torii Hunter hit a ball and broke his bat.  The bat flew into the stands right at Grandma”.

Holy crap! 

Apparently, Grandma didn’t get hit by the bat… it landed near her.  Regardless, how cool is that?

I’ve had a pretty good day all around.  The last few days have been awful struggles to keep (get) my allergies in check and I’ve been miserable.  It was almost 100 degrees today and wonderful!

We had a Saturday class today which isn’t always enticing, but quite fun today.  I have to say, I’ve developed a welcome love for the folks in my cohort and have learned to appreciate many of them as individuals.  Quite a few seem to still struggle with the disappearance of our not-so-fearless leader.  There are varied feelings within the group.  Some are angry.  Some feel as if we’ve been cheated.  Some feel like we’ve been fed a load of crap.  One thing we all agree on (as far as I can tell) is that we truly appreciate the efforts of the person who has taken over.    But, I digress.

I felt like today was a productive school day.  I have a pretty firm grasp of what’s expected in the upcoming weeks (A LOT!) and I’m excited to get started.  I laughed so hard that I kind of peed just a little bit and felt like we had accomplished something today.  That’s a good feeling. 

When I got home I found that the Angels game was being televised and this made my day seem perfect.  I got comfortable, sat down, and promptly dozed off, missing most of the game…. Just my luck.

I woke up in time to wish a friend Happy Birthday and meet some more interesting people.  I found out that when river rafting companies train their guides, you get to be a volunteer passenger for the training, and in return get rafting trips for close to $15.  I also found out that there is a coffee house downtown that shows movies on the wall of the building next to it several nights a week.  Totally sweet!  Grab a cup of coffee, head outside, grab a seat and get comfy watching Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. 



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